Some people call them memory books, birth year cards, or year you were born birthday cards. Others call them retro greeting cards. We just call them KardLets™.

Our unique KardLet is a 24-page greeting card/gift booklet packed full of who-knew fun facts, historical data, nostalgic images and trivia from the year you were born, married, graduated, etc... It’s the perfect gift for commemorating birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, retirements and more. Plus, it’s ultra easy on the wallet. (Translation: you get a whole lotta’ gift for just a little price!)

Year you were born birth year cards

Yearbook KardLets

Bold retro fun brings the past roaring back! Order 20—it’s like getting 4 FREE!

Remember When KardLets

Warm trips down memory lane! Order 20—it’s like getting 4 FREE!

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