About Memory Road

Welcome to Memory Road, your one-stop shop for all your favorite retro and nostalgic cards and gifts! 

Memory Road, a division of Seek Publishing, is the home of Remember When, Yearbook and Pages of Time KardLets. Seek began its journey 25 years ago in Tennessee, founded on a simple idea discovered at a Memphis flea market. By creating a piece of nostalgia that transports us back to our “special year” - birth year, anniversary year, graduation year, etc - our memory wakes and stirs warm feelings like nothing else. Appropriately enough, this company, based upon the values of nostalgia and preservation of the past, is now headquartered in a city rich with history itself - Birmingham, Alabama.

Today, new generations have discovered that our unique 24-page KardLets are a wonderful way to rediscover their past. And as a result, our products are gaining in popularity like never before. 

What's a Kardlet? KardLets are a 24-page greeting card-booklet hybrid, jam packed with fun facts, original advertisements, and cost-of-living stats from your special year. Spanning over 100 years, you are sure to find a product that will be perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and reunions! Any celebration is not complete without a KardLet!

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