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The Perfect Client or Prospect Gift!

Do you Remember When a loaf of bread cost 36 cents? Find price indexes and more in one of our best selling KardLets!

For example, in the financial industry our KardLets are a great tool to show your current clients or potential prospects to illustrate market inflation. See the example below from Ask Nick at

Q. I love the idea of telling prospects/clients where the market was on the date of birth.
Mechanically, how do you find this?

A. I go to Yahoo Finance...Historical Prices...The S&P 500 at your fingertips tab of the Political Calculations website. That gives me monthly data....when communicating with the prospect/client. My favorite application/use of the datum has always been to send the prospect/client a Remember When KardLet from Seek Publishing with my business card attached, on which I've written the S&P close for their birth date (or month). My experience is that people respond very positively to this. It's the most heartwarming, non-argumentative and at the same time devastating rebuttal to long-term bearishness I've ever found.