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Easter Basket Gift Ideas

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Easter Basket Gift Ideas with Bunny

Easter is right around the corner! One of the most iconic parts of Easter is the festive Easter baskets that are always filled with different treats and goodies. Kids love waking up and finding what the Easter Bunny left for them this year. Stay ahead of the game this year by filling up Easter baskets early with creative and fun gifts. There are so many things you can fill an Easter basket with, it doesn’t have to all be chocolate and sweets.

Whether you are trying to stay away from the sweets or just looking to make your Easter baskets more engaging, here are some fun Easter basket gift ideas.


Fidget Toys

Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners, cubes, and similar fidget toys have been extremely popular with kids over the last few years. They are small devices that kids can spin, press buttons, feel different textures, and various other items that can be used to help kids sit still or to keep them entertained.

Fidget toys are pretty easy to find at stores or toy shops. They are cheap, small enough to put in Easter baskets, and durable enough that kids can enjoy them for a long time without worrying about them breaking. If you have multiple kids, you can give each one a different fidget toy so they can share, trade, and all play with a new type of toy together.

If you need a different gift for your Easter basket, fidget spinners are the way to go. Don’t forget to get one for yourself, they can be addicting!



Painted Eggs or Egg Painting Kit

Painting Easter Eggs

Painting eggs is a classic Easter tradition that is fun for kids of all ages. You can either get paint and leave that in the Easter basket or you can get an egg painting kit to leave in the basket. Painting eggs will be an entertaining Easter activity that your family can all do together after going through your Easter baskets.

Paint whatever comes to your mind! You can stick with the Easter theme and paint bunnies, candy, flowers, spring weather, or even paint your egg to be a chocolate egg. There are countless things you can paint onto your egg or turn your egg into.

If you are the creative type, painting unique eggs for each of your children’s Easter baskets would be a memorable gift that truly came from the heart. That way you can also enjoy painting on your own time as well as together with the family on Easter day.



Clues for a Scavenger Hunt

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Gifts inside an Easter basket don’t always have to be physical, it can also be an experience! What better experience than to start your day off with a scavenger hunt? Scavengers hunts are an engaging activity for kids that encourages them to move around and find different items via clues. You can limit the hunt to a room, the house, your yard, or all of the above!

Depending on how long you want your scavenger hunt to be, you can start off by either hiding the entire Easter basket or you could just leave a clue in the Easter basket for them to follow and find a few extra items. Either way, make the clues easy enough that kids can understand so they won’t get frustrated with the scavenger hunt.

Pair this activity with other items on this list for a memorable Easter day with your family.


Stuffed Animals

Child with Easter Themed Stuffed Animal Bear

Stuffed animals are a nice way to remind you of the great Easter day you had with your family, they are always there as a reminder. Even older children can appreciate the sentiment behind gifted stuffed animals. If they aren’t quite old enough to be able to look back on the day and remember it, stuffed animals are great toys for toddlers since they are so soft and cuddly.

For bonus points, decorate the stuffed animals with hats, ribbons, or anything else you have that can be put to use. You could even have the bear holding a special message that you have written for your child.



Remember When KardLets®

Memory Road Remember When KardLets

Memory Road’s Remember When KardLet® is a perfect gift for all Easter baskets. Kids will love the colorful cover, designs, and pictures all throughout the book. All you have to do is pick a year you want your child to learn more about. It could be the year they were born, the year you were born, the year their parents met, or just a year you want to look back at together.

Remember When KardLets® have 24 educational pages of multiple different news articles, facts, authentic ads, cost of living index, and so much more for all years between 1920 and 2009. Each decade has its own unique color.

Test all of your trivia about the past and explore your favorite years with your children. The best part is, it won’t be thrown away. The books are made in the USA and designed to be read over and over again! It’s a gift that will never be forgotten, everyone loves looking back at nostalgic memories from the past.

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