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Rep Our Line

Seek Publishing has been offering strolls down memory lane for over 30 years with our specialty “year category” gift line. We manufacturer, print and warehouse popular nostalgic products. This includes 24-32 page greeting card/booklet hybrids called KardLets® special occasion cards and custom journals. Seek Publishing’s all-occasion KardLets® have sold over 40 million copies and played a special part in countless celebrations and commemorations. Seek Publishing is in over 3,800 retail locations across the US and Canada. Our proven products offer that "feel good" factor that keeps consumers coming back for more. Many independent reps that started with us from the beginning in 1989 are still with us today. For some, it is their job and for others, it is their retirement past time or a part-time income while kids are in school. Check out what some of our reps have to say about the product below.

  1. You can always count on a reorder because it's a sales machine. One longtime reps in California states, “once accounts are established, I build my daily sales route around them. I am pretty well able to cover gas and lunch plus a decent commission even if there are no sales from my other lines.”
  2. The product line is versatile, "the most versatile line I have ever had. By this I mean it can go in so many different types of retail or service stores," says California rep. Also, a Canadian rep in Nova Scotia mentioned that "this a product that most retailers should have in their store because it's unique and it's a great item to get anyone, especially that person who has everything."
  3. Seek Publishing strives to provide the best customer service. Canadian rep in Alberta stated "the company is nothing short of exceptional in all aspects from the leadership of the company to everyone in the office that takes care of everything we need daily to do our job."
  4. The company wants to reward our reps as we cannot do it without them. A 12-year rep veteran recently said "I have always been happy with the incentives in place for the reps with the commission structure and the bonuses that are geared to motivate us to strive for more."

What to expect from Seek Publishing:

  • 100% ship
  • Orders ship within 24-48 hours
  • No back-orders
  • No retailer credit checks
  • Less than 1% damaged
  • Generous commission and bonus structure
  • Commission and/or bonuses are paid as direct deposit monthly
  • Rep account list are emailed monthly
  • Free samples, order forms, catalogs and sales flyers available upon request
  • Lead sharing with reps in covered territories
  • Notifications sent for retailer request
  • Prospect mailing and rep introduction letters available upon request

Want to Represent Seek Publishing:

If you are an individual or rep group and you are interested in representing Seek Publishing, please call 800.826.4929 option 4.