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Retail/Wholesale Inquiries:

If you would like to receive product information, a catalog or samples, please fill out this ONLINE FORM or you can reach Business Development by phone at 800-826-4929 option 1 or by email at orders@seekpublishing.com.



Place a Online Wholesale Reorder:

Click Here to submit reorder to Customer Care.




Place a Wholesale Reorder via Email:

Please send your reorder request to Customer Care at orders@seekpublishing.com and we will provide you with order confirmation. 




Place a Wholesale Reorder by Phone:

Want to talk to a real person? So do we! We love to hear from you, listen to your stories and jokes and will be glad to take a reorder over the phone. Please call us at 800-826-4929 option 1 to talk to Customer Care




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