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Show your client the past and the power of inflation 

This go-to gift can be beneficial to you because of its memorable nature all-the-while serving as reminders of inflation and the importance of saving. It’s the perfect way to increase client retention by showing them they are more than just a client. 
Each year-themed KardLet® contains historical trivia, vintage ads, and the cost of living for that particular year, as well as pages to address the recipient and leave a little note about the importance of financial planning. Pick their special year - birth year, wedding anniversary, graduation, you name it! Any year that has a special meaning to your client or just choose the year that shows how much prices have changed for the last 30 years. 
This unique souvenir allows you to connect with your client on an emotional level by gifting a stroll down memory lane!
One of the financial industry’s top veterans, Nick Murray, says that it was probably the most powerful, most appreciated thing I regularly send out.”
Click here to view the article from one of the financial industry’s top veterans, Nick Murray.

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