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New Wholesale Customers

A unique wholesale product that sells any day of the year.

People love to remember birthdays, anniversaries, reunions and other mile stones that are worth celebrating. There’s nothing like gathering with friends and family to reflect on special moments in time. It might be Gerald and Evie’s wedding in 1984, Sabrina’s high school graduation in 1957 or the summer of 1969 that Bryan Adams paid tribute to lyrically. Whatever the occasion, our products usher in and foster those feelings of nostalgia. So, buckle up and together let’s take your customers back-as far back as they want to go!


Who is Seek Publishing?

We blazed a trail when we created our year-themed gifts back in 1989 and those flames are still burning strong. Seek Publishing is the unquestioned leader in the year-themed gift genre and we have enjoyed watching our products become staples in all types of stores in the United States and Canada. Since 1989, over 40 million year-themed KardLets® have been sold. The perfect gift for any person celebrating any occasion!


Wholesale Products Made and shipped in the USA


Located in Montgomery, Alabama, we create, produce and ship all our products right here in the good ol-USA. We keep inventory on hand at all times and can usually ship your wholesale orders out within 48 hours Monday-Friday. Seek Publishing offers everything you need to sell year-themed KardLets® and our spinner racks take up less than 2 feet of space so you always have more room on your retail floor. Just like any other birthday or celebration card, every KardLet®  also comes with its own envelope to make it easier for your customers to include it with their gift giving. If you are looking for a great wholesale product that will sell then look no further! Reach out today to receive a copy of our wholesale catalog and options.



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