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Educational Gift Ideas for Grandchildren

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Educational Gift Ideas for Grandchildren

Do you know a special someone with a birthday coming up? While gift shopping for grandchildren, it’s important to remember that they are in an impressionable stage of development in their life right now. They are learning new skills, experiences, and hobbies that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

So how can you get your grandchildren a gift that will both be fun and educational? Well, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are 8 educational gift ideas that your grandchildren won’t even realize are educational!


1. History Unboxed

Subscription boxes are a big hit right now, so what better way to jump on that trend than to get your grandchild a subscription box where they can learn more about the history they are interested in?

With History Unboxed you can choose a monthly or recurring subscription and look at different history topics that they offer. You can also choose what age range you are getting the box for. That way the content you get will be age appropriate and not too difficult for younger children.

2. Family Recipes or Cookbook

Does your grandchild know how to cook? Even if they already do, there is a lot more to learn in the world of cooking that will help them later in life. To help teach them more about cooking, get them interested by sharing family recipes you have. If you don’t have any recipes, share your favorite cookbook or collection of recipes that you like to make.

Your grandchildren will feel more connected with you being able to share the foods you love and the techniques utilized to make the food. This is a cheap and easy gift; it requires time and patience more than anything. Before you know it, you may have accidentally created a pro chef!

3. Music Classes

A gift doesn't need to be something that is wrapped up nicely with a bow, it can also be an experience! Does your grandchild know how to read and play music? This could be the opportunity to introduce them to the musical world. There are lots of different music lessons available, whether it be singing or with an instrument like the piano or clarinet.

Learning music from an early age can be helpful later in life if they decide to join the band in school or even take up music professionally. Even if they don’t end up playing an instrument, having knowledge about how music works is nice to have when listening to music.

4. Zoo or Museum Memberships

What better way to learn than to experience things right in front of you? Whether it be a real-life elephant at the zoo or a woolly mammoth at the museum, seeing and experiencing things has a longer-lasting impression than just reading about something in a book.

Local zoos and museums often offer discounts or memberships so that you don’t have to rush through everything in one day. You and your grandchildren can enjoy their birthday present all year round.

5. Magazine Subscriptions

Does your grandchild like to read? Magazine subscriptions will help them read more unique and engaging content. There are plenty of educational magazine subscriptions to choose from that can be mailed either monthly or bi-weekly. There are magazines like Highlights, National Geographic Little Kids, TIME for Kids, and more.

Your grandchildren will be even more excited about reading after realizing they will have to wait for their next magazine!

6. Outdoor Supplies

Regardless of where you live, there is a lot you can do in the outdoors. Hiking, camping, fishing, you name it. Introduce your grandchildren to some of your favorite outdoor activities by getting them gear of their own. You could plan a backyard camping trip and get them a tent, go hiking for a day with the new backpack you got them, or fish on the lake with some new fishing equipment. Outdoor skills are a great thing to have throughout life.

 7. Drawing Lessons

Get the creativity train rolling with drawing lessons for your grandchild. Regardless of what drawing skill they are currently at, there is still plenty to learn. Drawing is also a form of expression where children can show off who they are and their creative style.

You can introduce them to all kinds of art, whether it is drawing with pencil, oils, pastels, paint, or even drawing digitally! Digital drawing offers some crazy features and not only can it be a fun hobby, but also a profession. Graphic design isn’t going away any time soon.

8. Yearbook Kardlets

Memory Road’s Yearbook KardLet® offers fun facts and pictures about the past on every page. These bright and colorful books are 24 pages long, printed in the US, and are available for the years 1930-2009.

Get your grandchild a KardLet® from the year they were born so they can look back and learn a little more about what life was like when they were born. They will be able to read about different news from the time, the year’s top music, TV, and movies, authentic and colorful ads, famous births, and so much more.

The book is bold and colorful to make learning about the past fun, there are plenty of pictures and infographics to make the reading easier. You’ll be able to look back together on different fads, test each other with historic trivia, look at what celebrities are still together, and get a real sense of what the time was like.

If your grandchild’s birth year isn’t available, you can get them the year you were born or a year you want them to learn more about. Whatever year you choose, you will have a blast looking back at how much things have changed. You’ll be able to share your experiences with your grandchildren, if they want, they can write down all your stories in the KardLet® so they will never forget them!

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