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Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

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Need a good holiday gift idea for your kids or grandkids? These days it seems like kids have more things than ever before, which can make it difficult to know what to give them. When gifting a friend or loved one, it can be tricky finding something that nobody else will give them. Ditch the materialism this year and gift your kids an experience! Whether it’s an experience for the whole family or learning a new skill, these unique gift ideas will be sure to delight kids of all ages.

Experience Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Zoo membership

By getting a membership instead of single-use tickets, you will be able to enjoy this time and time again. If you have multiple kids or grandkids, ask the local zoo if they give discounts or have a list of upcoming events you can include!

2. Museum membership

Find a fun children’s museum in the area, or an art museum for your creative child, and get a membership for the upcoming year. Check the museum’s monthly calendar to see if they have any special events or visitors coming that you want to take your child to!

3. Movie Theater membership

With a movie theater membership, be sure to get the jumbo yearly popcorn bucket too! Look at upcoming movie release dates and make a plan for when you want to take your child or grandchild to see it.

4. Horse riding lessons

Reach out to a local stable and find out where you can get riding lessons. This gift will also teach them a skill and help them embrace their inner cowboy or cowgirl! You can also gift them a pair of riding boots so they are ready to go.

5. Subscription boxes

There are countless subscription boxes that exist, and you can find the perfect box for your little one to enjoy. If your little one loves to explore and be creative, check out this STEM Club Toy subscription box from Amazon!

6. Baby step books

If you have a younger child or baby, get a baby steps book to encourage growth and learning. These fun interactive STEM books will engage their minds to figure out the puzzle on each page.

7. Indoor rock climbing or trampoline park passes

Depending on their interest, find a fun active park and get year-long passes for them. This is a great gift to keep them active and away from the iPad!

8. Water park or amusement park passes

If you have a local six flags or other type of amusement park nearby, get passes for a year so you can make memories with your loved ones. Don’t forget a hat and sunscreen!

9. A bowling outing with friends

Bowling is a great experience, but it adds up quickly. Gift the kid in your life a fun night of bowling with friends! Check online or call ahead to reserve a lane and ask what discounts they offer.

10. Ice skating or roller-skating passes

Get passes for ice skating, or roller blading if it doesn’t snow where you are. This is one experience the whole family will enjoy!

11. A round of mini golf or batting cage tokens

Find a nearby putt-putt course or batting cage and schedule a night of family fun! Take them out for pizza or ice cream afterwards to wrap up an eventful evening.

12. Music lessons

Get your musical child some lessons in an instrument of their choice this holiday season and watch their passion grow. Take it a step further by gifting them the instrument to play on – search online or on Amazon for affordable options!

13. Cooking classes

Find a child-friendly place that provides cooking classes and take the whole family to form memories you’ll never forget! Or get them a Little Passports subscription box that will send them recipes and items to cook each month from countries all over the world. It is a wonderful way to learn about other cultures, try new things, and learn cooking skills all without leaving the house!

14. Art classes

Put your child in local art classes and watch their creative grow! You can even give them art supplies and an easel so they can practice what they learned at home. Hobby Lobby has some cute options for kids here.

15. Paint-your-own pottery class

Take the whole family to a pottery class and create masterpieces you can keep forever. This will be way more sentimental that something store bought.

16. Jewelry-making class

Go to nearby jewelry making classes and create matching bracelets for everyone. Or make a day of it and take your daughter or granddaughter with you!

17. Gymnastics, dance or martial art classes

Give your child the gift of a new skill this year! Gymnastics, dance and martial art classes are a great way to keep them active for years to come.

18. Swimming, tennis or golf lessons

Give the active child in your life lessons for the sport of their choice. Throw in goggles, a tennis racket, or golf clubs to help them get started on their new adventure!

19. A week of camp

Camp is a great place for kids to make new friends and gain some independence. Find a local camp and sign your child up! Include a fun backpack, hat, or binoculars to complete this holiday gift idea.

20. Concert tickets

Get tickets for your kid’s favorite band or singer and enjoy the experience together! For younger children, Kidz Bop is a great option that is family friendly and age appropriate.

21. Tickets to a sports game

Buy tickets for your child’s favorite sport and team. This also includes minor league and local teams! Get a jersey or t-shirt as well so they can support their team when they go to the game.

22. Tickets to a fair or festival

Get tickets to your local fair and take the whole family for a fun night out! Save a little extra money for them to try to win that giant stuffed bear.

23. A family trip or destination vacation

Find a destination the whole family wants to visit and surprise them. Make a game of it and give them items that represent the destination to see if anyone can guess where they are going!

24. A “behind the scenes” experience

Go to an ice cream factory tour, a nearby historical building, or any other how it’s done tours. This is a great idea for the kid who always has questions or is obsessed with certain products, history, or industries!

25. A ghost tour

Take the Wednesday Addams in your life to see haunted places that are hot spot for ghosts around town. Bonus points if it is a horse drawn carriage ride!

26. A new board game for family game night

Get a new board game for the family! You can play over and over to create new memories. Amazon has fun options that qualify for Prime shipping here.

27. A library card

Go to a nearby library and get a library card for each of your kids. Go ahead and check out a book you think they would like and your gift is ready to go!

28. Building a tree house or fort together

Tell your child they can have full creative control and let them design a tree house that you build together. Add in fun elements, such as a slide, rope swing, or rope ladder!

29. Disney World or Disney Land

Plan a trip to Disney for the family and watch your child’s eyes light up at the magic! Don’t forget to grab your mickey mouse ears and check to see what times of the year they are least crowded.

30. A Memory Road KardLet®

With so many options, you are sure to find the perfect vintage card for everyone in your life! Grab their favorite year from the Remember When Collection or if you don’t know what year to pick, get a decade from the Rewind Decade Collection. If your child loves baseball or golf, the Know-It-All KardLets® make a great holiday gift idea for kids!



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