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How To Create A Personal Gift

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The only thing better than getting a gift is giving one. Especially if you know the recipient will connect with and remember your gift. But how can you make your gift truly unique and lasting? Something that won’t be forgotten and thrown away?

Make your gift personalized so it will resonate with the gift receiver. The best way to do that is with a blast from the past. The Rewind Decade KardLets®  lets your loved ones explore nostalgic time periods throughout the decades, from the 1950s to the 2000s.


Rewind Decade KardLets

KardLets® can be used as a gift for any occasion. Are you looking for a meaningful present to give your significant other for an anniversary? Pick the decade that you both first met so you can both look back and reflect on your time together as a couple. It’s always mind-blowing to see how much things have changed, but you will always have each other for consistency. Did your favorite celebrity couples make it as long as your relationship?

If you need a thoughtful birthday present then Rewind KardLets® are a great way to celebrate the decade someone was born in. Check out the most popular baby names of the decade, maybe they have one of them (or almost did)! It’s always fun to go back and look at the past, whether it be looking at sports throughout the years, vintage color ads, or just various fun facts about the decade.

KardLets® don’t just have to be used for anniversaries, birthdays, or holiday gifts. They can also be used for family reunions, high school reunions, homecoming, and other special group occasions. What better way to celebrate a reunion than a throwback to your favorite decade? There is plenty to learn about different statistics and leaders of the decade, world and national news, and cost of living charts. It’s a great way to look back and reflect on all your fond memories of the past.

Each 32-page KardLet® allows you to write in a personalized note so the receiver will always remember you and what they mean to you. You could write up your own memory of the decade that you have both shared together. It could be about the first time you meet, your favorite traveling experience with them, or even a memory you want to make in the future. You can also share a new memory of yourself that someone else will be able to look back on and appreciate. Try talking about a memory where they made an impact on you or your decisions, even if they weren’t physically there.

Rewind Decade KardLets

To make a KardLet® gift even more special, pair it up with something else that is meaningful to the person you are getting a gift for. You could include some of their favorite flowers or flower arrangements you have gotten them in the past that you know they will love. You could even throw in some snacks that they enjoy but haven’t had in a while. What are some of their favorite foods they used to always enjoy? If they don’t sell them anymore then look up some homemade recipes online for inspiration.

If you really want to go with the nostalgia theme, create a gift basket based on the decade of your choice. There is so much information in each KardLets® that you could incorporate. You could surprise someone with a model or painting of one of the iconic cars of the decade. Or, after looking through the top music of the decade, make a personalized throwback playlist just for them. If they are a fan of movies and TV shows, look through some of the most popular media of the decade and get some DVDs of their favorites.

Regardless of how you decide to give your gift, Rewind Decade KardLets® are a time capsule perfect for remembering the past while also looking forward to the future.

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