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Jazzercising into the New Year

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Are you looking for some new workouts in the new year? Have you ever thought about jazzercising or aerobics? What better way to start the new year than to bring a little bit of the 80s into your fitness plans. Jazzercising began over 50 years ago and since then it has been used as an exercise where people can come together and get fit. The enthusiastic nature of the workout makes it easy to want to join in!
Let’s Jazzercise! 
Follow along this jazzercise workout to bring out all your nostalgic feelings.
Jazzercise Fit & Physical 1986 VHS
Aerobics Workout
Aerobics exercises temporarily boost your heart rate and breathing. For example, think of walking, biking, running and swimming. These workouts help keep your heart, lungs and circulatory systems healthy.
Get your aerobics workout here

Let’s Put Together Your 80s Inspired Jazzercise Outfit 

  1. Find the Perfect Leotard and add a belt
  2. Get yourself some leg warmers
  3. Not warmed up yet? Add a slouchy sweatshirt!
  4. Wear a cool 80s Hair-Do
  5. Add a scrunchie to that hair-do
  6. Put on those high cut fitness briefs over some spandex pants
  7. Leg warmers too hot? Put on some scrunchy socks
  8. Add some white aerobics sneakers
  9. Get that stretchy fitness headband
  10. Color Scheme: ALL the neon
  11. Top it all off with a wild print

Your Final Look

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