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Remember When, Yearbook and Pages of Time: Which KardLet® is Right For Me?

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Memory Road offers a variety of nostalgic KardLets® perfect for any occasion, but at first glance the Remember When, Yearbook, and Pages of Time paper books may look similar. That might make it a little confusing when deciding on the perfect gift to give to someone.

It’s true there are some similarities. Each KardLet® is printed in the USA, measures 5.25” x 8.25”, has various unique facts about individual years in the past, a space for a personalized message, and comes at a great price. Most importantly, each can be used as a present that you know will never be thrown away.

But which Memory Road KardLet® is right for you? Let’s walk through each of the 3 products and some of their many uses for any occasion.


Remember When KardLets

Remember When KardLet®

Take a nostalgic look back in time with Remember When KardLets®. These booklets have 24 pages of cool news, fun facts, advertisements, and more of any year from 1920 to 2009. With the world constantly evolving, sometimes faster than we can keep up with, Remember When books can be used to reflect on simpler times. Remember When KardLets® are best used as personable gifts for special occasions.

  • Birthday Gifts
    • Give the gift of cherishing past memories by giving a loved one something to reflect on their growth over the years. You can pick a Remember When KardLet® based on what year someone was born and send them a present that is easy to mail. They will be able to look at who they share a birthday with, top news and events of the year, and more.
  • Anniversaries
    • Grab a KardLet® for the year that you met your significant other so you can read through it and remember how much things have changed since you first met. Did you see the top movies of the year together or sing along in the car with the top hits on the radio? Unlock all your past memories with this engaging gift.
  • Christmas Presents
    • Surprise your family and friends with a retro gift from the past that will be remembered for every Christmas to come. Surprise the whole family with a set of KardLets® in each of their stockings for an engaging and thoughtful stocking stuffer everyone can enjoy.
  • Surprise Gifts
    • Need to mail a gift that will make a memorable impact and won’t be thrown away after reading through your message? Utilize Remember When booklets to send something unique that everyone will want to keep. People love being able to look back and reflect on memories and with this unique present, you will be able to give something that will always be fun to read through without it getting repetitive.

Nostalgic Remember When KardLets® have soft and warm-colored covers. Each cover is color-coded depending on which decade you are choosing your year from.

  • 1920’s - Navy
  • 1930’s - Brown
  • 1940’s - Green
  • 1950’s - Gold
  • 1960’s - Purple
  • 1970’s - Orange
  • 1980’s - Mint
  • 1990’s - Pink
  • 2000’s - Blue


Pages of Time KardLets

Pages of Time KardLet®

Memory Road’s Pages of Time KardLets® are an original gift that started it all and can be used for any occasion. Take a look back at your favorite years from 1920 to 2009. The booklets are stylized to have a classic black and white newspaper look to make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time to an entirely different era. Look back at all your favorite years as if you were really there, reading about the latest news, trends, and celebrities.

Any of these occasions are perfect for a Pages of Time KardLet®.

  • Greeting Cards
    • When’s the last time you got a newspaper in the mail? Let someone relive that experience by mailing them a Pages of Time KardLet® for the year of your choice. It could be the year they were born, when you first met, your favorite year together, or just a random year you know they would enjoy learning about. Everyone loves getting mail, think of someone you can surprise in the coming weeks.
  • Gifts for Teachers
    • Pages of Time books are a great gift to give a teacher, either for the end of the year or just a way to show your appreciation for all of their hard work. This thoughtful teacher gift has a section where you can write a personalized message to say hello and share your appreciation. The booklet can also double as a learning device for other students to explore and learn about different years in our country's history. Even better, you’ll forever be remembered! Future students can read the message you wrote for your favorite teacher as they are taking a journey through time.
  • History Fans
    • If you know someone who loves exploring different time periods, Pages of Time works great as a history theme gift. Learn about different pop culture trends, cost of living indexes, and more historical facts to discover from different times in someone’s life or beyond. Explore all the differences and track how prices have changed, trends have evolved, and other connections as you try to connect the dots of how the past became the present. If you’re more of a history buff, you can go even farther back in history with Pages of Time KardLets® from 1901-1919.


Yearbook KardLets

Yearbook KardLet®

Yearbook KardLets® are eye-popping, bright, and will be sure to catch everyone’s eye no matter the occasion. With 30% more Pop Culture facts and fun, Yearbook KardLets® are a great gift for larger gatherings. Explore all the different ways you can utilize a Yearbook KardLet® as a social gift.


  • Family Reunions
    • Surprise everyone in the family with a yearbook from the year that someone in the family was born. You can get a book for everyone coming to the reunion and hand them out randomly to each member of the family. As everyone is catching up, they can try to find out which booklet belongs to who. It’s a great way to make sure you interact with everyone and a fun way to start the family reunion off. Afterwards, you can all look back and compare how different each book is.
  • Birthday Parties
    • Do you want a gift that will get all the attention from people at the party? Grab a Yearbook KardLet® of their birth year and give it to them as a cool birthday present. Once they open it, they will want to explore all the different facts and images from the past. The book is easy to look at with different people, soon everyone will want to look at how things have changed since the year in the past.
  • Graduations
    • Do you need a graduation gift or a graduation card to get a recent high school, college, or grad school graduate? Yearbook KardLets® are a great gift to give and will act as a school-themed send-off. They can explore the past while looking forward to their bright future.
  • Class Reunions
    • Order this gift for all your past friends and get a yearbook of the year you graduated so you can look back at all the good memories you had. Or you can get a Yearbook KardLet® for everyone at the reunion so each classmate has a retro souvenir to bring home and remember the night and the good memories of the past.


Regardless of what KardLet® you choose, it is a great gift for exploring the past of pop culture, economics, sports, and more. Memory Road is always in stock with Remember When KardLets® , Pages of Time KardLets® , and Yearbook KardLets®. We ship within 48 business hours out of Montgomery, Alabama. Order a KardLet® today for any of these special occasions or more. 

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