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Small Business Gift Ideas

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Small Business Gift Ideas
Christmas is right around the corner, and for many people, giving is better than receiving. For friends and family members, it tends to be easier to pick a gift than for work colleagues. We have all felt that panic of knowing you should get your coworker a gift, but not knowing what’s standard or appropriate. Check out some our favorite small business gift ideas for a little inspiration this holiday season!
Small Business Gift Ideas - Personalized Name Plaque

1. Personalized Desk Plaque

No matter what industry you are in, you likely have some kind of name plate on your desk. Show your coworkers you care by customizing a nameplate for them this holiday season. Get fancy this holiday season and treat your associates to a personalized desk plaque that fits their personality. There are countless options to choose from, making this a fun small business gift to purchase.


Small Business Gift Ideas - Personalized Mug


2. Personalized Mugs

One thing you can count on is that love for mugs is universal. Whether they’re used for coffee, tea, or just a cute container for pens, everyone likes mugs. Make certain that your gift will be loved and used on a daily basis by personalizing the mug. You can get creative here and choose from a number of hobbies. There are even different skin tone options, allowing you to make this small business gift completely customized for your colleague.


Small Business Gift Ideas - Smart Coffee Warmer


3. Smart Coffee Warmer

We’ve all been there. You get your morning coffee and it’s too hot, so you make yourself busy while it cools down. Well, now it’s lukewarm and you have two options. Throw it in the microwave and hope the milk doesn’t curdle or deal with it and drink your tepid coffee. A smart coffee warmer allows you to keep your coffee or tea warm all day, making it the perfect small business gift for your coworkers!


Small Business Gift Ideas - Executive Sandbox - The Sand Trap


4. Executive Sandbox - The Sand Trap

We all have that one Golf God in our office, and what’s a better gift than a mini putt putt course? This sandbox comes complete with a rake and a functional club and golf ball. Entertainment can be an extremely effective tool in preventing burnout, and this small business gift will be sure to entertain!


Small Business Gift Ideas - Reusable Smart Notebook


5. Reusable Notebook

We’ve entered a world where paper products are becoming obsolete as people switch to digital products. You may feel like a traditional notebook is a waste of money and space because so many are opting to do use technology for everything. The pages of this notebook can be scanned digitally and sent to various cloud services, allowing you to have handwritten notes on your computer or smart phone. Once the pages have been scanned, you can easily erase the pages and start over. Get this neat gift for your über organized coworker and watch their face light up as they begin playing with it.


Small Business Gift Ideas - Coffee Thermos


6. Coffee Thermos

Whether your workplace provides insulated cups for hot liquids or not, everyone deserves something pretty! A thermos is a staple that all adults should have. Whether you think your colleague prefers basic or flashy, there is a thermos out there for them! Even if your coworker is not a fan of hot tea or coffee, you could get a slightly larger thermos that they can use for other drinks. Hydro Flask has a variety of options, making one of their cups an easy small business gift that everyone will enjoy!


Small Business Gift Ideas - Hario Cold Brew Coffee Bottle


7. Hario Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

This one is perfect for that coffee enthusiast in your office who just can’t get enough caffeine. Cold brew has become increasingly popular among working professionals and can be quite the investment if you have to purchase it daily or even weekly. With a cold brew bottle, all you have to do is add coffee grounds and water and throw it in the refrigerator after shaking. In about 8 hours, your cold brew will be ready. This simple bottle makes 5 servings of cold brew at a time, making it an ideal small business gift.


Small Business Gift Ideas - Standing Wireless Charger


8. Standing Wireless Charger

Although some workplaces still have strict rules around phone usage in the office, many people must use their phones to conduct business on a daily basis. If you are on those people, then you know how essential it is to have a full charge and be able to see your screen at all times. This standing wireless charger makes it easy to have both and is a great gift for your coworker who works from their mobile device. Simply pop your phone on the stand and it will begin wireless charging, ensuring that you have everything you need to get your job done!


Small Business Gift Ideas - Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest


9. Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest

Whether you have a traditional, hybrid, or remote work environment, the way you sit plays a huge role in the way you feel. Poor posture can often times be the leading cause of lower back and neck pain. It is always easier and more cost effective to be mindful of the way you sit than to do what is comfortable in the moment and wind up with acute to chronic pain down the road. Correct posture includes the way you position your feet, so show your colleagues you care by treating them to a memory foam foot stool.

10. KardLets® by Memory Road

We always save the best for last, and Memory Road’s KardLets® are definitely the best. With several types to choose from and nine decades available in each collection, there’s a KardLet® for everyone. Get your coworker a Remember When KardLet® from the year they were born so they can look back and enjoy history. They will be able to read about different news stories, top artists, TV shows and movies that were released, cost of living, famous births, and more!

These KardLets® are both informational and entertaining, making them a versatile small business gift everyone will love!

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