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Teacher Gifts: 8 Ideas to Consider

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Teachers are the backbone of our society. Without teachers, we wouldn’t be able to continue to learn and evolve - and would probably be stuck in the past forever!

Everyone has a teacher that positively affected them and it’s important to show your appreciation for your teachers, they do a lot! From getting to school early and staying late for extra help, to buying classroom supplies and throwing parties, being a teacher involves a lot of extra labor outside of their required workload.

Show your teacher you care by getting them a gift. It could be an end-of-the-year gift or a gift for a new teacher to start the year off. Here are a few creative teacher gift ideas.

 Teacher Gift Idea Personalized Coffee Mug

1. Personalized Coffee Mug

Sometimes coffee is an essential part of a teacher’s job. How often do you see your teachers drinking coffee? By getting your teacher a coffee mug, you will be gifting something that they can use every day, both at school and at home.

Personalize the coffee mug with something that your teacher would enjoy. It could be a picture of your class, a picture of your school, their favorite quote, or anything else. Your teacher will be thrilled to get something they can utilize in their everyday lives, maybe you will be able to see your teacher use it throughout the year!


Gift bags and gift card stock photo

2. Gift Cards

A simple yet effective gift. Gift cards can be used for anything, whether your teachers want to get more classroom supplies or treat themselves to a nice night out. There are many gift cards available that offer several different options to spend so your teacher isn’t forced to spend the money in one place.

You could even get them a pre-loaded card as a gift, that way their spending freedom is endless. They will be able to get what they want, where they want, and will be thinking of you and your generosity while doing so.


Teacher Thank You Note of Appreciation

 3. Thank You Note

Sometimes just a simple thank you note is enough to show someone that you care. If you are tight on money but still want to show your teacher some appreciation, all you need is a pen and paper! Express to your teacher what they mean to you and how they have helped you.

It’s also a good idea to include a handwritten thank you note as part of any gift that you give. A gift is nice, but knowing why you are gifting something is just as important. If you are in need of customized thank you notes, Creative Printing has quality products at affordable prices.


Travel Utensils

4. Reusable Travel Utensils

Eating out every day can add up, so chances are your teacher brings a lunch from home just like you do. With reusable travel utensils, your teacher will be able to eat in style and will remember you every time they do! You can also include a note with some of your favorite lunch recipes so they will have new ideas when packing a lunch from home.


Teacher Gift Idea Personalized Stamp


5. Personalized Teacher Stamp

A great gift for a teacher since they can use it for grading, personalizing their classroom, books, papers, and a ton more. They can personalize it so it fits their style, personality, and name. Get this for your teacher now and you will be able to see it on all your upcoming assignments (that you definitely got an A on)!

Teacher Gift Idea Voice Amplifier

6. Voice Amplifier

Being a teacher can be a real strain on your vocal cords. Teachers need to make sure that everyone in the classroom can hear them, from the front to the very back. With this useful device, your teacher will no longer have to stress about how their voice carries, they can let this voice amplifier machine do the work for them. It’s an added bonus that you will be able to hear your teacher better!


Teacher Gift Idea Bean Bag Chair for Classroom

7. Bean Bag Chair

This is a good gift for all teachers, especially English teachers who would have a designated reading area for their students. This is a present your teacher and their students will be able to enjoy as they sit down, relax, and get lost in their favorite book.

It could even be used as a reward for students in the classroom who have gone above and beyond the standard and will be able to sit in the bean bag chair for a day.



8. Remember When KardLets®

We saved the best teacher gift for last, the Remember When KardLet®! Memory Road’s Remember When KardLet® is a 24-page booklet with various categories of information and fun facts about whatever year you want to learn about, just pick a year from 1920 to 2009. You can pick the year your teacher was born, the year they started teaching, or just a year that they will be interested in. This gift is especially great for history teachers!

Inside each book, you will be able to learn more about the news of the time, look at authentic ads, compare the cost-of-living index with today, and so much more. Explore the most popular movies, music, sports teams, national and international news, and everything else you could ever want to know about the year you’ve chosen. Each KardLet® measures 5.25” x 8.25” and is printed in the United States.

Not only is the Remember When KardLet® an excellent gift for your teacher, but it can be utilized as a teaching tool and will be enjoyed by children in your teacher’s classroom for years to come! It’s the perfect gift for a teacher. You get to show your appreciation, your teacher gets to learn more and experience nostalgia for the past, and then other students will be able to access the same information and learn for themselves!

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