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Adventure Gift Ideas

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Adventure Gift Ideas by Memory Road

Are you looking for creative ways to spend the day with your children or grandchildren? Thinking of educational and engaging activities can be overwhelming, but there is so much that you can do. Start by giving them the gift of adventure. Here are a few different ideas you can use to keep your children entertained for the day while giving them an adventure they will never forget.

Start a Backyard Garden

Nothing is more rewarding than watching something you’ve planted grow over the course of a few weeks. Gardening is a great activity for children, it is outdoors, keeps them engaged, and it is a great life skill to have for the future.

Take your child to a park or local community garden to start, that way they can learn about how to start a garden and experience firsthand what the result of gardening can be. From there, you can also start to get some inspiration on what different types of plants you want to start growing. Once you have a few in mind, get some seeds and start growing!

Growing plants takes some work, so you will be able to teach responsibility and patience as you go. Allow them to take responsibility for the garden and set times for them to go out and water the plants. You can also set certain days of the month to check on the plants growth and measure to see how much they have grown.

Plan a Camping Trip

With camping, there are so many different activities you can do with your children. All of which don’t require electronics, so you can all take a break from the phones and other digital aspects of our lives.

Take a day or the weekend to go out into the wilderness. If you have some fishing equipment you could find a nice quiet spot of water to teach your children how to catch or release fish. You could get up early and go for a hike to watch the sunset together. You could even cook your own meals! Have you ever cooked a hot dog on a stick over a fire? Don’t forget to make s’mores!

Whatever you decide to do, the wilderness provides a lot of options for adventures.

Go Golfing

Time for a golf double feature! You can take your kids mini-golfing and have fun as you swing away around the course. Afterward, you can go to the park and play frisbee golf. Both these activities will get your kids outside and are great physical activities. You can work on coordination as you practice golf swings and frisbee throws.

Family Game Night

Game nights are always fun, but sometimes it is hard to motivate kids to play the same games every time. To switch it up, you can take your kids shopping for some new board game or card games to play. There are lots of different games to choose from and letting your children pick will get them even more excited to want to go home and play the game.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming is a great physical activity that helps kids get over their fear of water while also teaching them about water safety and drowning prevention skills. If your children don’t know how to swim, it would be beneficial for them to learn so they can participate in water activities like pool parties with their friends or a trip to the beach.

If your child already knows how to swim, find a place to take them to practice. It could be a water park, the local beach, or a lap pool at the community center. Local pools often post events online that they host specifically for kids.

Now Document Your Day!

Now that you have some fun ideas on what to do, you should make sure you are recording everything that you’ve done. Use your phone to take pictures and videos throughout the day. When you are done, you can have them as a keepsake forever or even print them out and make a scrapbook.

If you want to go retro style, get an old-school film camera and use that to take pictures. That way you and whoever is on the adventure with you can learn more about how pictures used to be taken and the process behind it. In the last few years, we have even seen companies make modern polaroid cameras that are easy for children to use! It sure is a lot different than just snapping away on an iPhone.

If you don’t want to take pictures, you can use your artistic skills to paint a picture of the day you had and what you did. It doesn’t have to be actual paint, you can draw a picture, color, or any other creative form of expression. Draw out your day, whether it be a montage of what you did or pick one of your favorite moments.

You can also record your adventures in Memory Road’s Memory Journals.

Each journal includes 144 pages and they are paperback journals that measure 5.75” by 8.5”. They are printed in the USA and are designed to help you record your most precious memories in an easy format in a place that you can always look back on. Who doesn’t like going down memory road and sharing all your stories from the past?

You’ll have plenty of room to record all your favorite memories and a detailed recollection of what happened and how you felt. The best part is that there are multiple different journals to choose from!


Adventure Gift Memory Road Memory Journal

Did you enjoy the camping trip idea? Then you should get out the Memory Journal Outdoors Series. This series features a few different covers, so you can pick which one you want to get for yourself or give to whomever you shared your adventures with. Choose from fishing, kayaking, camping, and a mountain sunsets cover. Maybe their favorite camping memory was catching their very first fish and they need the fishing cover to make the moment even more special. This series theme is perfect for anyone with a love for the outdoors! It will be like carrying a piece of the great outdoors with them wherever they go.

Adventure Gift Memory Road Memory Journals

The next Memory Journal series will be a good fit for anyone who loves to garden and care for plants! It is the Plant Series, and each cover has a unique design so there is something for everyone. Pick between the cacti, palms, dandelions, tropical landscape, and sunflower designs. You’ll be able to record what you’ve done with your garden so far, record the progress of different plants, and have a journal dedicated to your different plants and gardening experiences.

Whatever series you end up getting, you will be able to cherish your memories forever with the Memory Journal.

 Adventure Gift Memory Road Memory Journal

The last series of Memory Journals is the Retro Series. These covers capture several different nostalgic items: the rotary phone, cassette tape, camera film, floppy disk, and a music record. Pick a cover that best represents their lifestyle and memories. If they used a film camera to take pictures of your adventures, you can get that cover. There will even be a space for you to insert the picture next to what you wrote!

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