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Upgrade Your Holiday Cards to Memory Cards

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Think about how exciting it is to get a card in the mail. It could be a surprise letter from your partner, an expected birthday card from grandma, or a letter from your pen pal.
It’s always special to get physical mail, especially in a digital age where you have to juggle dozens of emails a day, mostly from companies you forgot you gave your email to. With information constantly being thrown at us through our screens, a simple card can be a relaxing and thoughtful gesture.
Everyone loves getting cards, and there are plenty of opportunities throughout the year to both receive and send a card. It could be for the holidays, a birthday, anniversary, reunion, teacher’s gift, or other special event.
But how can you make your card more special and personalized? How can you send something that will be cherished and not just thrown away in a few weeks when the special day is over? It would have to be unique, personalized to the person, and fun to look back at in the future.
If you need a little inspiration, Memory Road’s Memory Cards are the perfect way to send an engaging and thoughtful card that will never be thrown away. They have a lot more keepsake value than a normal greeting card and they can be looked back at for years to come. If there is one thing people never get tired of, it’s nostalgia. Especially with things constantly changing and evolving in technology, it’s easy to forget how different (or similar) things were in the past. Memory Cards allow everyone to look back in history and have a major blast from the past.
Start by picking a year the recipient would like to look back on. You can choose any year from 1930 to 2001. If you are sending a birthday card, pick the year the person was born so they can get more familiar with their birth year - a time they won’t even remember! Getting the year of someone’s birth is also good for other occasions like the holiday season. If you are getting a card for an anniversary, choose the year you met so you can look back and remember all the memories and events you have gone through together. Memory Cards are great for reunion cards, pick the year you all graduated and reflect on simpler times.
Each Memory card contains several fun facts about the year you choose. This includes the cost-of-living index, who the United States president was, Oscar winners, major news and headlines, top songs, top sports teams, and so much more.
What would life be like on your salary in 1954? Who would be your favorite singer if you were a teenager and not a baby in 1987? What is your favorite Oscar-winning movie from 2001? There is so much to discover and learn about in each card.
There will be a section inside the Memory Card where you can write a special message for whoever is getting it. Memory Cards are 3.25” x 6.5” folded, 6.5” x 13” inches unfolded, and printed in the USA. The brochure size makes it the perfect fit to include cash, checks, or gift cards along with it. They are a perfect downsized version of our Rewind Decade KardLets®. The 32-page KardLets® feature decades from the 1950s to the 2000s.
Memory Cards are perfect for any occasion.
  • Holidays
    • Do you need a special gift for a loved one this holiday season? Memory Cards can spark joy in anyone and they will appreciate a card that won’t end up under all the wrapping paper once all the presents are open! This holiday gift is great for children, cousins, grandparents, and anyone else interested in the past.
  • Birthdays
    • What better way to celebrate the day someone was born than giving them a custom card that showcases everything about the year they were born in? Birth years are important and the recipient will adore being able to travel back in time to a special year. Order the perfect birthday card today.
  • Anniversaries
    • Take the time to look back at all the special memories you and your partner have made together. Reflect on your favorite songs, movies, and artists as a couple and how both of your tastes have evolved over the years. Show your partner they matter and you cherish your time together with an anniversary memory card from Memory Road.
  • Class Reunions
    • Relive the past by selecting the year of your high school, college, or other class graduation. Memory Cards are a great gift to give while reuniting with old friends and acquaintances so they can continue to remember you and your time together for years to come.
  • Greeting Cards
    • Have a friend that you need to catch up with? Send them a memory card of the year you met and write them a note to catch up. They will appreciate the gesture and you will be able to know you got them a gift they can truly enjoy while also reconnecting with you.
  • And so much more!
    • Regardless of the special occasion, Memory Cards are a unique and nostalgic gift for any occasion. Memory Cards are always available and are ready to ship within 48 hours. Order your card today.

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