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Looking for a unique gift? Look no further! Remember When, Yearbook and Pages of Time KardLets, a greeting card/booklet hybrid, include 24 plus pages of interesting news, facts, authentic ads, cost of living index, and much more! KardLets are popular for birthdays, reunions, anniversaries, homecomings and other special occasions. Whatever the occasion, KardLets usher in and foster those feelings of nostalgia.


Financial Planners

Show your client the past and the power of inflation 

This go-to gift can be beneficial to you because of its memorable nature all-the-while serving as reminders of inflation and the importance of saving. It’s the perfect way to increase client retention by showing them they are more than just a client by hand-picking their special year. This unique souvenir allows you to connect with your client on an emotional level by gifting a stroll down memory lane!.

One of the financial industry’s top veterans, Nick Murray, says that it was probably the most powerful, most appreciated thing I regularly send out.”

Click here to view the article from one of the financial industry’s top veterans, Nick Murray.


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Alumni Associations

Nothing makes your alumni feel more pride than reminiscing about the years that led up to that special year, GRADUATION!


You can reap the benefits of an already proven track record of success by other college/university reunions across the country. Help your graduates enjoy a sentimental trip back to their “special year” with Remember When, Yearbook and Pages of Time KardLets!


“I purchased these for my 55thclass reunion and the classmates really enjoyed this trip down memory lane.” 

— 5 star customer

“We held a Class Reunion 70th Birthday Party. Cards representing milestone years (starting kindergarten, graduation, turning 50 etc.) made great party gifts.”

— 5 star customer

“I did a London High School All-Class Reunion for the classes from 1950 to 1972. I ordered the “REMEMBER WHEN KARDLETS” FOR THESE CLASSES AND PUT THEM ON THE TABLES FOR THE Alumni to review and told them I needed them back. When the reunion was over I only got two (2) back. They were very popular, so I had to reorder and in addition, I ordered the years 1920 to 1950. I live in a retirement community and I have meetings to share these with our residents to review and discuss to see how times and prices have changed and they really enjoy it. I strongly recommend them for gifts and group discussions.”

— 5 star customer


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Corporate Anniversaries

Reaching MAJOR MILESTONES in business should be celebrated! KardLets provide a fun experience that both management and employees can appreciate while looking back at the year it all began! 

These value-packed gifts are a great way for companies to thank everyone who contributed to their success and commemorate the benchmark! These popular KardLets have room for personalized messages to acknowledge loyal employees, long-time customers, key clients, and prospects.

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