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Know It All KardLets® are our newest, brightest, and boldest gift for the person who has everything! 

Each style KardLet® represents a category that provides fun facts, pictures and specific history within its 24-pages. The KardLets® also include a page at the beginning for personalizing to the recipient, as well as a page at the back where you can write a special message or memory. 

The Baseball Know-It-All KardLet® is perfect for the avid baseball fan that features:

  • Timelines
  • Authentic magazine ads
  • World Series winners
  • Baseball trivia & fun facts
  • Rookie of the Year & Cy Young Award stats
  • Major news events & headlines
  • Rules of the game

The Wonder Woman Know-It-All KardLet® is a perfect gift for the "wonder woman" in your life. This KardLet® features 20 Divas & Dynamos who changed the 20th Century.

Each featured Diva includes the following:

  • Pictures
  • Timelines
  • Historical facts
  • Achievements

The Golf KardLet® is a perfect gift for those who are fans of Golf, love to casually play, or enjoy watching the pros because it features:

  • Authentic magazine ads
  • Winner list
  • Men & Women Golfers
  • Golf trivia & historical facts

The TV KardLet® is the ultimate gift for the individual who has a passion for classic TV, knows that shows have shaped our culture and thinks of characters as family.

  • Classic TV images
  • Top Shows 50's - 90's
  • TV Trivia
  • Historical facts about TV and what else it brought to the table

The Music KardLet® is unique gift for individuals who love music and are fans of artist that have impacted decades of style and sound. 

  • Idols and performers of the decades
  • Top Songs 50's - 90's
  • Dances of the decades
  • Fun & historical facts

The Food KardLet® is a fun gift for those passionate about food and how it has drastically changed by influences, innovations and introductions throughout the decades.

  • Inventions
  • Food by decade
  • Authentic advertisements
  • Fun & historical facts

The Football KardLet® is a great gift for those who love the game and contains 100+ years of history.

  • First downs and evolution of the game
  • College champs, pro champs, & Heisman Trophy winners 
  • Tech influences
  • Early legends of the game
  • Authentic advertisements, fun & historical facts

Measures 5.25" x 8.25" & envelope included

Printed in USA