PAGES OF TIME (1900-1919)

  • $5.99

Pages of Time KardLets are the original all-occasion gift! A nostalgic look back at your favorite year!

This classic KardLet style is available in the classic black and white, newspaper-style design for older years 1900-1919 (limited availability). 

Each KardLet features:

  • Authentic ads from the year
  • Cost of living index
  • Sports events and trivia
  • Famous births
  • World and national news events and headlines
  • Top music and movies

Measures 5.25" x 8.25"

Printed in USA

Memory Road is no longer printing years 1909 & 1910. 

NOTE: The year 1920 is a special year and can be found under products as the 100th year celebration. Years 1921-2006 are also found under product, Pages of Time (1921-2006).