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Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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It’s that time of year again, to look back and reflect on how long it has been since you married your best friend. But how can you accurately show them how much you care and appreciate them, especially on this special day? When looking for wedding anniversary gifts it is important to keep in mind that it isn’t just a gift for them, you are looking for something to celebrate both of you and your relationship with each other. Here are a few ideas you can use if you are looking for a wedding anniversary present.

Bucket List Notebook

Bucket List Journal

Wedding anniversaries aren’t just about reflecting back, they are also about looking forward! There is a lot going on in life, so there may not have been time to do everything that you’ve wanted to do as a couple. It’s time to get all your thoughts out so you can work on creating and executing your bucket list as a couple. A bucket list journal is a great wedding anniversary gift that celebrates your relationship together and outlines your goals. It can also double as a memory journal so that you can record your experiences and look back on them for years to come.

What activities would you record in your bucket list journal? Maybe you’ve always wanted to skydive but were always afraid to do it alone. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to have a romantic getaway in a country that you’ve never been to before. Regardless of what you put on your bucket list, it will keep you and your partner busy as you try to complete everything. If you want to make sure you get it done in a timely fashion, you could both decide on dates that you want to finish the task by. You will both be working together to complete each other’s items on your list and in the process will make memories that will last a lifetime.

Wine Wedding Anniversary Gift

Customized Wine Bottles

If you’re going to be celebrating your wedding anniversary with some wine, you can make the occasion even more special by customizing the label of a wine bottle. The label fits on most wine bottles and you can get multiple prints to make each bottle of wine even more special. Choose your partner’s favorite wine and stick it on a label made just for the two of you. It could be a photo of you together, a graphic or artwork that you or your partner made, or anything else that comes to your mind.

The best part about this gift is that the recipient will never see it coming. Even if they see the bottle beforehand, they will think you are just being your romantic self and getting them a glass of wine. This is a great gift for anyone looking for their partner to be truly surprised.

Sign showing first date and map

Print Your Places Plaque

This memorable wedding anniversary present is a great way to show appreciation for your partner and allows you to highlight an important event in your life. Each plaque allows you to enter an address, date, title, and location. You can even preview the map beforehand to make sure it is accurate. It doesn’t have to be about your first date, you can choose what you want to put on there. It could be the day of your wedding, the day you fell in love, the location of the proposal, or any other significant location or event.

You could even make a special trip to the location on the plaque for your anniversary day. Re-create that special day and at the end of it, you will be able to give them an amazing present that will help them remember both the original day and the great day you just had.

The plaque comes with stickies so you can hang it on the wall or a stand so you can put it on display on a shelf, your desk, or another flat surface. It’s a gift that you will always be able to look at and reflect upon.

Remember When KardLet

Memory Road’s Remember When KardLets®

If you want a gift that will help you and your partner reflect on all the great memories of your past, the Remember When KardLet® is the way to go. Known as the card that never gets thrown away, Remember When KardLets® are 24-page booklets that take a look back at the year of your choice. Pick the year you and your partner got married and explore all the nostalgia of the past.

Regardless of the year you choose, each paper book includes interesting news and headlines, fun facts, authentic ads, trivia, pop culture recaps, a cost-of-living index, and so much more! This is the perfect wedding anniversary gift so that you can look back at all the good times you have had since your wedding and reflect on how much you two and the world around you have changed. The best part is that the booklet is always fun to re-visit during future anniversaries. There is a section where you can jot down notes for your future selves to remember the special year you are currently celebrating.

Remember When KardLets® are printed in the USA and you can explore the years 1920 to 2009. Each cover is color-coded based on the decade you choose.

1920’s - Navy

1930’s - Brown

1940’s - Green

1950’s - Gold

1960’s - Purple

1970’s - Orange

1980’s - Mint

1990’s - Pink

2000’s - Blue

Get your Remember When KardLets® today for the perfect wedding anniversary present your spouse will never forget.

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