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Creating Memories for the New Year

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What a year it has been! Although we are sad to see 2021 go, we are also excited for all the opportunities 2022 has in store for us. 
What are some of your New Year’s resolutions? Personally, I want to spend more time with the people I love so that I may create new memories that I can cherish for a lifetime. 
That got me thinking about how I can create memories with my family; I wanted to find new and exciting ideas on things we could do together. Now, I want to share what I found with you!

Make a Sponge Garden

I wanted to find something unique to do with my family and the name alone caught my attention. This project is perfect for the colder time of the year since you can leave your sponge garden indoors. I also liked how it was something you could watch grow over time, it makes it feel more special. 
To make a sponge garden, you will just need to get ordinary sponges, a pair of scissors, a spray bottle, a large plastic container to hold the sponges, and some fast-growing seeds (like broccoli or grass). 
Next, you can use the scissors to cut up your sponges in any shape you want and place them in the plastic container. Then spray the sponges with water and sprinkle the seeds on top of the sponges. Cover the container, but make sure to leave some air holes. Water your seeds regularly and watch them grow over the next few weeks!

Plan a Beach Day 

There is nothing better than going out and feeling the warmth of the sun on your face combined with the relaxing sounds of the water. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!
Beach days are a great family activity, there is so much to do. Families can spend all day in the water swimming, playing Marco Polo, boogie boarding, or going diving for unique seashells. Make sure to take plenty of breaks so you aren’t too tired in the water.
If swimming isn’t your cup of tea and you prefer to stay in the sand, there is still plenty of fun to be had. Frisbee, volleyball, sand building contests, freeze tag - the possibilities are endless!

Family Movie Night

Movie nights are a great indoor family activity. I’m not talking about just putting in a DVD and pressing play, you need to make a proper night out of it! Let’s get creative. 
First, pick a movie and decide a theme around it. You could pretend you are aliens from another planet, living in a 50’s drama, or spies on a top-secret mission. Dress up with your family and put up decorations to make the movie come to life. 
A good movie night isn’t complete without snacks. You can’t go wrong with popcorn and there are tons of delicious popcorn recipes out there, especially if you are making homemade popcorn. Try being more adventurous with the oils you use. Or experiment with new toppings like parmesan cheese, everything bagel seasoning, melted chocolate, or anything you want. You could even add in extra toppings like raisins or nuts.
After every good movie, you are dying to talk about it as soon as the credits roll. It’s interesting to listen to what others were feeling during certain moments or how they interpreted different scenes. Once the discussion dies down, finish off the night with trivia. Pick a host and put everyone’s movie knowledge to the test. 

Go for a Hike

A day spent in the great outdoors is the perfect setting for making memories. Not only is hiking a good way to get some physical activity in, but it is also educational. Use the hike to your advantage and learn about different plants, birds, and other wildlife in your area. 
Don’t worry if you can’t get to somewhere like Yellowstone, you can take a hike anywhere. Try looking for local forest preserves or larger parks near you. Even just a walk around the neighborhood can be a relaxing family moment.

Start a Memory Journal

Memory Journal
Start a journal to keep track of all the fun memories you make this year! This memory journal is perfect for recording past and future events, special occasions, or just normal days. They are especially great for children and grandchildren. I wish I had started something like this earlier, it’s always so fun to go back and reflect on your good times, especially when it can be so well documented. 
In the journal you can include who is with you, what you wear doing, anything you would change, what you rate the memory, and more. There is even a section to attach photos or draw a picture of your memory. It’s a great keepsake, especially having all your experiences in one place. With 144 pages, there is plenty of room for all the memories you cherish in a neat paperback journal. These memory journals come in three different series so you can pick whatever theme best fits you or your kids.
The outdoor series features camping-related activities like fishing, kayaking, and more. It can be used to record any memory, like a family getaway to the beach or a hike in the woods. Whether you are camping, going on a road trip, or even taking a stroll around a park, you can record all your adventures to make them permanent and easily shareable with friends. 
There is also the plant series journals. Covers include cacti, sunflowers, palms, dandelions, and a tropical landscape. If you tried out the sponge garden idea above, that would be a great first log to include in one of the plant memory journals. You could even log different plants you start growing or write about trips to plant stores and what plants you decided to get.
The last collection of memory journals is the retro series. The covers in this series are the rotary phone, cassette tape, camera film, floppy disk, and a music record. These are my favorite covers, what better way is there to keep memories alive than to show things from the past? If you picked an older movie to watch for family movie night, the retro series journal would be a great place to store that memory forever. 
One of my favorite things about memory journals is you can look back at how your handwriting and communication have changed over time. This is even more noticeable with kids since they are practicing storytelling and communicating emotions through writing their memories down in their memory journals.
Over the year you will be able to look back and how much you and your family have changed, or stayed the same! Some things never change. Start logging your memories so you can have even more to look back on and cherish. 

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