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Year-Themed Gifts

Year-themed cards are popular for birthdays, reunions, anniversaries, homecomings, get wells and other special occasions. Whatever the occasion, these popular gifts usher in and foster those feelings of nostalgia. Promoting the "feel good" factor that everyone is looking for. It is a fun stroll down memory lane at un unbelievable value. Many of these products include interesting news, facts, authentic ads, cost of living index, and much more! 

Since 1989 these year-themed gift products have become a staple for party planners organizing milestone events, the #1 gift for financial planners to use for client retention efforts, helped corporations celebrate anniversaries with customers and employees, and the conversation starter at many high school and college reunions. 

Not sure which KardLet® to choose? Check out this blog post that dives into the details of Remember When, Yearbook and Pages of Time KardLets®, how they are similar, how they are different and the common uses we have seen people use the KardLets® for over the years. 

Remember When, Yearbook and Pages of Time: Which KardLet is Right For Me?